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NBC Fumbles: Top Gear USA Heading to Cable

That’s hopefully moving to cable. If I knew anything about this journalism biz, three weeks ago you would have read, “Dude claiming to be Top Gear producer mentions USA show destined for cable between bumming smokes and chatting up my fiancée at bar-b-q.” But alas, mice, men, etc. Here’s today’s story. The new Knight Rider was [...]

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Where For Art Thou, Top Gear USA?

Who knows. NBC hasn’t said a thing about the UK’s gift to car geekery or its US debut. What they have said is that the atrocity that is the Knight Rider remake is guaranteed another nine episodes — making it all the way through the remainder of the season. I was an impressionable tyke when [...]

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Maserati Quattroporte

Bullet Riddled Maserati Quattroporte

These photos come to us via our good pal lapistola. NBC bought a Quattroporte with significant rear end damage for their new show Life where the main dude is using the hottie Italian as an undercover police car. We’ve never seen the show, so… there you go. The lucky car wranglers at NBC then proceeded [...]

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Top Gear USA

Top Gear USA: Tanner Foust To Appear on Adam Carolla’s Radio Show

In about 8 minutes. And this is going to be the first time any of the three American hosts have done any sort of media anything together. It should be good radio for car geeks, as Adam and Tanner both know their stuff (actually, Adam might be a touch car-OCD). Of course, both Tanner and [...]

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Top Gear USA Filming In Studio Portion This Weekend. Casting Audience

Since like everyone else in Hollywood, I’m actually an actor and this auto blogging thing is just something to tide me over until my next big movie, I was checking upcoming casting calls between my food service pro work and came across this and thought it would be of interest. It appears that Top Gear [...]

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Tanner Foust Top Gear USA

Top Gear USA: Tanner Foust Interview

Some things you may already know about Tanner Foust: He’s a successful professional racer. He’s the 2007 US Formula Drift champion and currently leading the 2008 championship. Foust contests the US Rally America championship and won the 2007 X-Games Rally Super Special beating action sports super star, Travis Pastrana and World Rally Championship legend, Colin [...]

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Top Gear USA

Top Gear USA: Free to Diss Lousy Cars

We can all breathe a big sigh of relief. At some point back in 1987 Jay Leno said it would be impossible to do Top Gear in the US because sponsors would get pissed if the hosts said bad things about their cars. OK, it was earlier this year, but 21-years ago in internet time. [...]

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Top Gear: Meet the Top Gear USA Hosts

Adam Carolla, Tanner Foust and Eric Stromer — these three will be hosting the US version of every piston head’s favorite TV show, Top Gear. In truth, we’ve known about Adam and Tanner since 1997 (feels that way) but the BBC and NBC were very tight lipped about former soap opera heart throb and current [...]

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