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I. Tuners MTM got their hands on the KTM X-Bow and bumped it from 240 to 318 hp. It also gets kicked up to 310 torques and the trans has been modified to accept all the new punch. The same guys can take your TTS and bring it to 380 hp by pumping 22.5 psi [...]

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Nissan GT-R Takes On FIA GT Championship

Speaking of the GT-R, Nissan announced at the 2009 Melbourne Auto Show that the car will participate in the 2009 and 2010 FIA GT Championship. Word is British outfit Gigawave Motorsports will team up with NISMO for the 2009 season on a non-championship entry to work out bugs in the car and to get it [...]

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The Best GT-R Ever?

With the official arrival of the Nissan GT-R SpecV, everyone has proclaimed it to be the best GT-R Nissan has ever built. Obviously that doesn’t include Super GT race cars or aftermarket tuner jobs, but I’m still not sure the new SpecV is the outright best GT-R ever. My vote goes to this bad boy, [...]

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Nissan GT-R SpecV

Boo Ya! Nissan GT-R SpecV, Officially

OK, now we’re cooking with gas. And massive turbo boost. You are feasting your eyes (and GT5 ambitions) on the known-about-forever but only now officially revealed Nissan GT-R SpecV. Feels good just thinking about it, no? Especially after so many months of only hearing about it. So, what makes a Godzilla into a SpecV Godzilla? Well let me [...]

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2007 Nismo 350Z

Nismo 370Z Here By Mid 2009

Word on the Web has the delicious S-Tune package for the 370Z here in the states by 2009. So far, there’s been no mention of a USDM version of the car, with Nissan only supplying release dates for the JDM ride. Now, GTChannel tells us the package, which includes aero, suspension and braking upgrades will [...]

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Nismo Shows Off Nissan 370Z Plans

Mere days after Nissan bestowed genuine shots of its new 370Z on the masses, we get a taste of what in house tuner Nismo has up its sleeves for the next-generation sports car. You can probably expect all of the suspension tricks the current Nismo Z has to offer, along with Brembo stoppers and the [...]

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Motul Nismo GT-R Takes On Tokachi

Let’s just call it Nissan Day. While we’re talking about Nissan’s Porsche-killer, check out this video of the Motul Nismo GT-R prepping for the Tokachi 24-hour enduro. Watching the race-version Godzilla blitz around the track, there’s little wonder how the production version managed to dot Porsche’s eye on ze Germans’ home turf. We’re still itching [...]

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Nissan GT-R Spec V Spied At Der ‘Ring

Looks like Nissan is still tweaking on the special edition GT-R it plans on unveiling at the Paris Motor Show. A version wearing a bunch of Nismo goodies — including those bad ass Rays six-spokers and the in-house tuner’s titanium exhaust — has been buzzing ’round der ‘Ring. Could this be the fabled Spec V [...]

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The Hand Of Nismo Touches The GT-R

It’s been awhile since we’ve been truly cruel to our loyal readers, so brace yourself. The wicked scientists at Nismo have unveiled their handiwork for the tasty GT-R, and the bits look flawless (nice pipes!). They’re expensive, but if you’re like us, you probably expected that and have already sold a kidney to fund your [...]

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Nissan GT-R

Potential ‘Ring Champ Nissan GT-R Spec-V Delayed

Oh no! For those of you obsessed with the Nurburgring and the time it takes a car to whip ’round it, the probable future champ is being back-burnered. That’s right — the Spec-V Godzilla will not be showing up anytime soon. In fact, you’re probably going to have to wait until well into 2009 for [...]

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NISMO Goodies For The GT-R

On August 20, GT-R owners and droolers alike will get their first shot at seeing what the mad scientists at Nissan have cooked up for the newest iteration of Godzilla. NISMO is letting loose their arsenal of wheels, ecu’s, carbon fiber pieces, suspension, cooling systems and exhaust on Japanese owners later this month. No word [...]

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2007 Nissan NISMO 350Z 037

2007 Nissan NISMO 350Z 037

We’ve heard rumors of a replacement for the current platform of the 350Z for a while now. When we saw the 037 at the end of the headline for the 2007 NISMO edition 350Z, we got all excited thinking that it referred to the 3.7 litre VQ in the 2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe just announced. [...]

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