Picture of the Day: Jeep J8 Milspec

Remember the Jeep J8 Milspec? If you’ve ever had a taste for playing in the mud, odds are the super-bad ass bare-bones Jeep caught your eye. Nearly indestructible Dana 44 front axles and Dana 60 units out back, a beast towing capacity and zero thrills, this rig is built for trail duty. Until now, this [...]

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Picture of the Day: The Four Door Convertible

I say “the” because you can’t mutter the phrase “four-door convertible” without the next words out of your mouth being “1961 Lincoln Continental.” Go ahead, try it. I’ll wait. This car is so ingrained in the Fiendish psyche that when Porsche let it slip a drop head version of the Panamera was a possibility, this [...]

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Picture of the Day: 1992 Honda Accord Wagon

There’s a reason for this, I promise. You see, there’s a ’92 long-roof Accord on Craigslist in these parts going for a mere $500. If ever there was a Lemons contender in the making, it’s this sucker. The ad doesn’t say whether the car is a five-speed or a lowly slush box, but from the [...]

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Picture of the Day: Zenvo ST1

I’m as much of a fan of primer as the next guy, but the Fiends at Zenvo have done their supercar a favor by slathering some actual paint on its skin. Proof positive the human psyche is attracted to pure evil (or at least mine is), the Zenvo ST1 is sexy in a way so [...]

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Picture of the Day: Audi V12 TDI Cutaway

Sigh. Audi just let loose word we can all give up hoping to see any version of the company’s monolithic V12 TDI behind the seats of the R8. Is it so much for a man to ask for 740 lb-ft of torque in a mid-ship oil burner? I don’t think so. The causes are just [...]

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Picture of the Day: Avus Audi A5 Coupe Matte Black

Avus has released its newest Audi-tuning endeavor, this time taking on a TDI A5. Power gets nudged to 275 ponies and 448 lb-ft of torque and the exterior gets dipped in some seriously sinister matte black paint. I do love me a road warrior.

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Picture of the Day: Fiat 124 Spider

It’s raining in these parts (Da South) right now. The air is cool and occasionally the sun will peek through the clouds to light up the wet trees and grass. In a few hours the sky will be blue, the birds will be singing and the roads running through the mountains will be clear, dry [...]

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Picture of the Day: The Real Deal

With all this talk of GM resurrecting the Grand Sport name once more, I thought it was only fitting to remind everyone of the GS legacy. We’ve rattled off more than once about just how Fiendish the original cars were, so in this case I think I’ll just let the photo above do the talking. [...]

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Picture of the Day: Wrong

From Dhabi Switzerland with love, where else? Still, wrong. Just wrong.

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Picture of the Day: Aston Martin One-77

In the flesh and as delicious as promised, the Aston Martin One-77 was unveiled in Villa d’Este, Italy last weekend. Priced in the stratospheric $2 million range, company CEO Ulrich Bez declared the One-77 wasn’t built to rival the Bugatti Veyron. Honest. The One-77 is a feather weight compared to the multi-ton behemoths we’ve seen [...]

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Picture of the Day: Bye, Pontiac

You’re looking at a 1949 Pontiac Streamliner Deluxe. Honestly, on a day like today, it’s impossible to not pay homage to the dead-brand-selling Pontiac with our POTD. The only question was which car in the company’s long and proud history to run with. The Fiero? Cool, but not legendary. The Chieftan? Awesome, but over played. [...]

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Picture of the Day: Dunlop Rover M/T Maxx Traction

BMW has a pretty impressive off-road course set up at its performance driving school, but Dunlop choose to let us loose on a shallow pond to demonstrate its new M/T tire. We’ll cover the Maxx Traction in greater detail next week, but for now we’ll just from experience that the meaty tire handles mud and [...]

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Picture of the Day: 2010 Jaguar XJ Teaser

Jaguar has rolled out a teaser for its XJ-replacement. There’s not a whole lot to be seen from the above shot, and we don’t usually dig on trailers, but there seems to be more than a taste of XF in this thing. That’s always good in our book. The 2010 Jaguar XJ gets a full-on [...]

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Picture of the Day: 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Alternately titled: Car of the Week. That’s right, Fiends, the Car of the Week is back! A week ago, I would have been right with you if you’re thinking there’s little Fiendish about a honkin’ hybrid SUV, but our time with this high-tech Caddy has done some eye-opening. We’re half-way through our stint with the [...]

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Picture of the Day: Opel GT

What has 102 horsepower (maybe), a curb weight a shave over 2,000 lbs and the kind of reliability that makes an Austin Healey look like a Toyota Hilux? That’d be the OG Opel GT. Bask in the ‘70’s glory, Fiends.

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Picture of the Day: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Ah, the mighty ZR1. Of all the Corvettes to come and go through the ages, this one is a special breed. If you notice one in the wild, it takes some looking to differentiate the car from its white-bread brethren. It’s a sleeper in the most anti-sleeper kind of way, and Stile Bertone has recently [...]

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Picture of the Day: Focus RS Vs. GT

How’s this for an eyebrow-raising image? The good Fiends over at Top Gear America, have taken our favorite can’t-have (the Ford Focus RS) in all of its front-drive, 300-horse goodness and pitted the car against the mighty Ford GT. It’s a Blue Oval shoot out in the mountains above Monaco. Placed your bets? Let me [...]

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