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Richard Hammond helps terminally ill girl live pink Lamborghini dream

Richard Hammond helps terminally ill girl live pink Lamborghini dream

Emilia Palmer, an eight-year-old from Kimbolton, Herefordshire in England’s West Midlands, suffers from a rare lung illness, requiring her to constantly be on oxygen. She made a request through Rays of Sunshine, which is like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, to get a ride in a pink Lamborghini, driven by everyone’s favorite Hamster, Richard Hammond. And last Sunday, she got to [...]

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Hamster on Old Metal

It seem Richard Hammond, of Top Gear fame, has a 1968 Ford Mustang GT, complete with a big-block 390 under the hood. Unlike my relationship with American iron, Hammond’s has been largely drama free, dishing up the kind of reliability only the most crude forms of internal combustion can deliver – until recently. A recent [...]

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Top Gear Runs Three Bugatti Veyrons

And where else could Jezza, the Hamster and Captain Slow have possibly done this? Nowhere other than Abu Dhabi. The crew from the most beloved car geek show on YouTube the tube managed to run three of the super rare, super fast Bugatti Veyrons – including the even more rare Pur Sang edition — at speed. [...]

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Jeremy Clarkson Alfa Romeo

Jeremy Clarkson Injured in Head-On Crash: He’s Fine

Yeah, he crashed. While filming an episode of the new 12th series of Top Gear it turns out. No one knows (or they ain’t saying) what Jezza was driving or what he hit (or where) but the important news is that he’s fine. And, knowing Top Gear we’ll see the crash soon enough. And they’ll make [...]

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Richard Hammond Bugatti Veyron

New Launches in a Few Hours

[Update: They're live. As of now. Right, Now] Yeah, that’s Short Stig Richard Hammond leaning on a Bugatti Veyron. Will you find that image on Who knows, but in less than 24 hours, there will be a new, though we have no idea if you’ll find this image there, either. However, according to [...]

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Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Jeremy Clarkson Ties Chrysler Sebring to the Iraq War

As much as I dislike (most) hardtop convertibles, I like the Chysler Sebring even less. It’s simply not a good car and one of the many reasons why Chrysler’s in so much trouble, and I imagine a folding hardtop version is about as bad as cars get. And — according to Top Gear’s top man Jeremy Clarkson [...]

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Top Gear and YouTube Together At Last

Bad news for productivity everywhere: Top Gear just launched its own YouTube channel, complete with 30 brand new clips. The crazy Brits who have done everything from race aquatic cars to fighter jets are now available, even if you’re a dirty Yank like us. We just blew eight minutes watching the boys race a diesel [...]

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Top Gear Live

MPH + Top Gear Live Just 85 Days Away

If you live in London you’re in for a treat. The annual MPH Prestige & Performance Motor Show will take place in London’s Earls Court from October 30 to November 2 (and if you live in Birmingham, November 13-16 at the NEC). If you don’t know, the MPH is a combination of huge-ass car show, [...]

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Top Gear USA Filming In Studio Portion This Weekend. Casting Audience

Since like everyone else in Hollywood, I’m actually an actor and this auto blogging thing is just something to tide me over until my next big movie, I was checking upcoming casting calls between my food service pro work and came across this and thought it would be of interest. It appears that Top Gear [...]

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Top Gear: Nissan GT-R Takes Off The Gloves

We brought you Top Gear’s epic race between Japan’s flawless mass transit system and Nissan’s newest incarnation of Godzilla. If you’re anything like us, you were probably somewhat stunned to hear Clarkson bemoan the car’s performance, but that was jaunting through the island country side, suffering Nissan factory speed restriction (110 mph) the entire way. [...]

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Top Gear Pits GT-R Against Mass Transit

Top Gear Pits GT-R Against Mass Transit

The boys at Top Gear have pulled off a marvel of television by pitting Godzilla against his homeland’s public transportation system, including the 200 mph bullet train. With Clarkson piloting a sexier than sin red GT-R and May and Hamster rushing to catch connections between trains, buses, cable cars and ferries, who do you think [...]

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Tanner Foust Top Gear USA

Top Gear USA: Tanner Foust Interview

Some things you may already know about Tanner Foust: He’s a successful professional racer. He’s the 2007 US Formula Drift champion and currently leading the 2008 championship. Foust contests the US Rally America championship and won the 2007 X-Games Rally Super Special beating action sports super star, Travis Pastrana and World Rally Championship legend, Colin [...]

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