Video: Caterham Seven Levante

If you’ve been following Caterham’s Project Splitwheel via the company’s regular email updates, you probably already caught this little number. While nothing of real significance has materialized out of the world’s first community-designed sports car, every now and then we get an excuse do drool over some of the hottest Sevens on the planet. Cars [...]

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Caterham RS Levante

Unadulterated Lust: Caterham RS Levante Sold Out

It’s well known that Fiends heart Se7ens. But there exist certain riffs on Chapman’s ideal that are so impossibly bonkers it’s hard to even imagine them. No, seriously. Take the Caterham RS Levante — it sports more than 1,000 horsepower per ton (twice that of a Bugatti Veyron) and doesn’t have any doors. Crazy, I [...]

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CBR900 Se7en

Picture of the Day: Moto Powered Se7en

As the whole world knows by now, I lust after Se7ens. Purest driving car there is, period. Yeah, you got X-Bows and Atoms and all that jazz, but those are just over-roided variations of Colin Chapman’s winning theme. The well-ran Se7en above has the motor from a Honda CBR 900 beating in its chest, giving [...]

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Caterham Offering Seven Insurance

I’ve heard there’s a special level of hell where all you do for the rest of eternity is buy auto insurance. It’s right between the never ending root canal and trying to resolve anything with the IRS. Caterham — the only Se7en maker that gets to call their Se7en a Seven — has recognized its [...]

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Caterham Seven CDX

Caterham Releases the Seven CDX

When it comes to cars, less is never more. Except when it comes to Se7ens. Or in this case, an actual Seven (Caterham holds the exclusive rights to the name “Seven”). We’re saying “less” because the CDX offers just 135 hp from a 1.6-liter Sigma mill. But if you’ve ever driven a Se7en you know [...]

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