Supercharged V8

Anteros Unviels XTM And Targa

The delicious cocktail of Corvette performance and unique styling isn’t anything new. Coachbuilders have been plopping well-styled rides on top of the Chevrolet Corvette’s chassis for years now, but few have managed to pull it off as well as Anteros. The Californian builder has just pulled the sheets off of two new models—the XTM and [...]

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The General Mulls CTS-V Wagon

If you build it, they will come. That’s all we’ve got to say, GM. If you wedge the 556 horsepower monster from the Caddy CTS-V down into the svelte body of the wagon, the legions of minivan and SUV-cursed gear heads out there will come out of the woodwork. All our German friends do it [...]

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Jaguar XKR Gets A Shot Of Testosterone

It’s true. The Jaguar is calling the 420 horse ride the XKR-S, but according to Jaguar, the sexy beast ain’t headed Stateside. Complete with quicker steering, lighter forged 20-inch wheels, a bitchin’ aero kit and a stiffer suspension, this is the XKR worth buying. If you can. The company is only producing 200 of the [...]

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