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Tesla Roadster

Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson vs. Telsa Roadster

  Man, shoulda called it “Jezza vs. Tesla.” Anyhow — Jezza — the man that says things like, “[T]he whole global warming theory is bonkers. A complete fairy story” goes one on one with the (current) poster child for sustainable driving, the all-electric Tesla Roadster. Er, more like goes one on two, as the first [...]

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Top Gear USA

NBC Fumbles: Top Gear USA Heading to Cable

That’s hopefully moving to cable. If I knew anything about this journalism biz, three weeks ago you would have read, “Dude claiming to be Top Gear producer mentions USA show destined for cable between bumming smokes and chatting up my fiancée at bar-b-q.” But alas, mice, men, etc. Here’s today’s story. The new Knight Rider was [...]

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Bold, Exciting New-Generation Ford Fiesta Revealed at Auto China

Video: Ford Fiesta: Fair And Balanced

It can be said that the Top Gear crew tends to spend more time giving high-performance cars a thorough shake down than the econo-boxes that make their way into the studio. Never one to let complaints fall on deaf ears, er, one to let a chance to ridicule his audience slip by, Jeremy Clarkson has [...]

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Video Lunch Break: Top Gear Cop Car Challenge

Our post about the South Yorkshire PD’s Mitsubishi Evo X Cop Car fits nicely with the couple of videos you’ll find after the jump. It’s Top Gear’s Cop Car Challenge, where the boys have to build up their own police pursuit vehicles. Clarkson, Hammond and May have to develop a way to stop renegade motorists. [...]

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Fiendish CG Mad Maxmobile

Is there anything cooler than auto art? Probably, but looking at the CG images worked up by Prague’s Marek Denko, it’s hard to think of something else to take the cake. Denko cranked out these pixel masterpieces for his son’s bedroom after watching the Mad Max trilogy. Post-apocalyptic inspired auto art? My head’s gonna explode. [...]

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Top Gear America Wants Intern

Heads up College Fiends. Top Gear America has an internship slot open. That means you could slave away in a poorly lit cubical while doing vaguely automotive-related tasks for credit. That is if you think you’ve got the stuff to beat out the thousands of other applicants. The job’s only open to kids living in [...]

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The 27-Liter Merlin V12 Beast

Once upon a time, this long-snouted behemoth was in the books at the most powerful road car in the world. With a 27-liter Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 lurking between its fenders, the “Beast” had about 950 hp at its command. That engine is the sort of thing you’d find in a WWII Spitfire fighter plane. Sure, [...]

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Video: Vintage Top Gear: Clarkson And His 355

Remember Jeremy Clarkson before he was so jaded? So callous? Remember when Top Gear didn’t have a production value to rival Rhode Island’s state budget? Yeah, we don’t either. But videos like this exist to prove that time existed once. Perhaps in a galaxy far, far away. The video after the jump details Clarkson’s purchase [...]

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Video: The Power Of Power: Zonda Vs. Veyron

Sometimes it’s hard not to hate the boys at Top Gear. It’s like they sneak around at night, plucking ideas from our wildest automotive dreams to employ in the next episode. Take the quick clip after the jump, for instance. In it, Captain Slow goes head to head against the Stig in a drag race. [...]

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Video: Top Gear Gives the Bugatti Veyron a Go Around Their Track

Well, it finally happened. The Stig got his inhuman paws on one of the fastest vehicles on the planet — the Bugatti Veyron. The big Bug made some serious speed around the Top Gear test track, but was it fast enough to take the crown? Could it topple the likes of the Gumpert Apollo or [...]

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Video: Top Gear Goes Muscle Car

Remember those reports of our three favorite hoons from the UK busting around the desert in a Dodge Challenger SRT8, a Cadillac CTS-V and a Chevrolet Corvette, ZR1? Here’s why: Clarkson, Hammond and May set upon the states to find out if the newest generation of muscle cars are more than crappy a crappy chassis [...]

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Video: Clarkson Island

Imagine a world where an entire island is dedicated to the breeding of more Jeremy Clarksons. No, we’re not talking about England. Jokesters Harry and Paul have done up a sketch ripping on our favorite Top Gear UK host, complete with a sheep Clarkson herding Stig. Our favorite line? “You have to clip them twice [...]

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Top Gear Runs Three Bugatti Veyrons

And where else could Jezza, the Hamster and Captain Slow have possibly done this? Nowhere other than Abu Dhabi. The crew from the most beloved car geek show on YouTube the tube managed to run three of the super rare, super fast Bugatti Veyrons – including the even more rare Pur Sang edition — at speed. [...]

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Where For Art Thou, Top Gear USA?

Who knows. NBC hasn’t said a thing about the UK’s gift to car geekery or its US debut. What they have said is that the atrocity that is the Knight Rider remake is guaranteed another nine episodes — making it all the way through the remainder of the season. I was an impressionable tyke when [...]

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Jeremy Clarkson Alfa Romeo

Jeremy Clarkson Injured in Head-On Crash: He’s Fine

Yeah, he crashed. While filming an episode of the new 12th series of Top Gear it turns out. No one knows (or they ain’t saying) what Jezza was driving or what he hit (or where) but the important news is that he’s fine. And, knowing Top Gear we’ll see the crash soon enough. And they’ll make [...]

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Richard Hammond Bugatti Veyron

New Launches in a Few Hours

[Update: They're live. As of now. Right, Now] Yeah, that’s Short Stig Richard Hammond leaning on a Bugatti Veyron. Will you find that image on Who knows, but in less than 24 hours, there will be a new, though we have no idea if you’ll find this image there, either. However, according to [...]

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Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Jeremy Clarkson Ties Chrysler Sebring to the Iraq War

As much as I dislike (most) hardtop convertibles, I like the Chysler Sebring even less. It’s simply not a good car and one of the many reasons why Chrysler’s in so much trouble, and I imagine a folding hardtop version is about as bad as cars get. And — according to Top Gear’s top man Jeremy Clarkson [...]

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