Amuse GT-R Rocks The Dyno At 600 HP Plus

It’s no secret the Nissan GT-R is laced with more technology than the space shuttle. While that makes for a bionic missile on track, tuners have worried that messing with the car’s winning formula might send the electronic wizardry inside into freak out mode. While a few guys have already started pushing the power envelope with the car, Amuse has finally jumped the 600 horsey mark. The company has branded their car the Power House Amuse Phantom GT-R, and it’s rocking a full 602 ponies at peak, accompanied by 571 torques. The heart of the modifications is a reworked ECU, sans speed limiter and tweaked for maximum ghusto. Of course, the obligatory exhaust swap helps out, and an electronic boost controller then squeezes a little more boost from the turbos. We’ll raise our glass to that. [MotorAuthority]

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