Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Corvette ZR1 Goes Round Der ‘Ring 4 Seconds Faster

To quote Vanilla Ice, “Will it ever stop? Yo! — I don’t know.” Here’s the skinny. The last time Chevy flew their gang of “engineers” out to Germany (“engineers” being GM speak for facotry race drivers), Jim Mero snapped off a then “production car record” time of 7:26. Das ich fast, jah? Sadly for Chevy, Dodge took their bat guano Viper ACR to the ‘Ring and — whoa Nelly — ran it in 7:22! What were the Bow Tie boys to do? Hang their heads and admit defeat? Nein! There will be a victory! So, out goes slow old Jim Mero (ha ha), in goes Danish hot shoe Jan Magnussen and down goes Viper! Almost. Like the manic Viper, Magnussen and the Blue Devil were able to run the 14-mile, 73 turn course in 7:22. However, they were 0.3 seconds slower. Chevy ZR1: 7:22.4. Crazy as Chinese arithmetic Viper: 7:22.1. D’oh! Can the uberest ‘Vette ever beat its rival? Maybe with John Heinricy at the helm. No really — I’ve driven with him. He’s nuts. In a good way. Now, before you go into a full tizzy digesting all these numbers and what they mean, I’d like to remind you what Jack said: the times, they mean nothing! [Source: Motor Gears via Autoblog]

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