Ghettocharged Miata

Eyesore Racing Raises the LeMons Bar Through the Roof

Wow. Damn. Dude. OK, so there’s a LeMons team out in here in California called “Eyesore Racing.” We call ‘em “The Pimps” because of their unprecentedly awesome last car, the Eyesore Pimping CRX. Well, we can forget all that pimp shit as these boys have simply changed the game. You are looking at the Ghettorcharged Miata with “caveman-style” turbocharging. That’s right, they mounted the turbo above┬áthe engine. Why not? Also, the car is made from two wrecked pinatas Miatas welded together and it’s going to be racing this December at the 24 Hours of LeMons Thunderhill (aka Arse-Freeze-Apalooza). Against my team. And many (superior) others. But you need to jump to see the very best part…

SKEE-ROO Jack Stands!┬áThat’s right, when the pimps want to get under the car they just flip da Miata on its side. Seriously. Wow. Damn. Dude. Judge Martin’s full report over on Jalopnik.

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