24 Hours of LeMons: Faster Farms

Thunderhill LeMons: The 20 Coolest Cars of Arse-Freeze-Apalooza

As I mentioned this morning in the Mega Cheaters article, when it comes to the 24 Hours of LeMons, winning isn’t everything. In fact, winning is kind of lame. I mean serious — big deal. You have a reliable car, you didn’t drive fast or aggressive enough to crash and get penalized, your team is moron free/didn’t pass under yellow and now you have $1,500 in nickels to deal with. Ooh-la-la. To me, the point of LeMons is having the coolest car and/or the best theme. And these are the 20 cars that kept a smile on my face for three days straight. Meaning that these guys (and girls) are the real Arse-Freeze-Apalooza winners. [Note: Most, if not all, of these photos are from Mad_Science or his Dad. Or brother. Thanks a million]

Fantasy Junction Maulbros
BMW 635i 


The theme’s not great (though I like “Maulbros”), they were kinda dicks on the track and in all likeliehood this car only showed up to run interference for Fantasy Junction’s other car (the SCCA racer Integra) but so what? It was very cool to see an E24 running ’round the track. 

B210 Racing
Datsun B210 

If these guys had a theme better than just “Yellow and Shitty Looking” they’d have cracked the top 10. Still, hats off to a Datsun B210 for even showing up. As I explained to cheaters multiple times, “That’s a LeMons car.”

Porcubimmer 2: Judgement Day
BMW E30 

Now, that’s a theme. I’m still not into the whole E30 BMW cheat thing, but at least Scott and the boys took the time to properly bribe me us. Let the record show, the bottle of Zaya Dark Rum is the very best bribe in the history of Crooked LeMons Judges. And yes, me and the Sharks did kill the entire bottle straight no chaser in about fifteen minutes on Saturday night. It was that good.

BMW 325i 

Another BMW? While it’s true that there is no lamer LeMons car than a BMW E30 — especially because 19 times out of 20 the theme will consist of a can of paint and a dent — take a closer look at this car:

Yup, humping pandas. Man, they warm the cockles of my heart. Especially considering just how many children were wandering around the paddock. Also, I’m a massive Starvengers geek and I heart the Pandemonium Empire. Good work guys. Sorry your electronics got cooked.

Flash Racing LTD
Mazda Miata 


Miatas are always highly suspect LeMons cars. Like the sinful E30, Miatas are not quite in the spirit of LeMons — they’re basically 85% racecars straight from the factory. Also, people usually skimp on the theme. I hate that. Anyhow, these dudes are a bit different. Aside from being hella veteran (look at the body work) if you don’t love that dirt track wing, you don’t get this whole car thing. 

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