Video: Eliica EV

We’ll save you some counting and go ahead and say it: the Eliica’s an 8-wheel drive electric vehicle. Why all the rollers? Each wheel sports its own, 80 horsepower electric motor, and the combined effect of all eight is good enough to launch this funky-looking ride to 60 in under four seconds. Top speed? That’d be 250 mph with a range of 200 miles. The car’s powered by lithium-ion batteries, and the its creator, Dr. Hiroshi Shimizu, is hoping to churn out 200 examples sometime soon. Of course, that depends on whether or not he can get funding for the project. If that happens, get ready to cough up a heady $255,000. Ouch. Hop the jump for a look at the Eliica in motion. [Source: WCF]

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