Blitz To Unveil RWD GT-R

Someone has finally taken the almighty Godzilla and stripped it of its front-drive bits. With the car’s AWD domination and lightning-quick double clutch transmission, why would anyone want to put all that power to the rear? To get ass-out sideways, that’s why. Blitz is currently working on a Godzilla drift machine, and has gone so far as to remove the double-clutch tranny and AWD system. In its place, the tuner has dropped in a Hollinger manual. After swapping out most of the interior for carbon-fiber bits, the team dropped on a Blitz ZRR suspension, carbon-fiber hood and a high-flow titanium exhaust. We can’t wait to see the car in competition next year. In the mean time, the car should show up at the Tokyo Auto Salon. [Source: GTRblog]

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