Detroit Auto Show: Real Show’s In The Parking Lot


Here’s the thing. I hate snow like the proverbial fat kid hates dodge ball. Pretty? Sure, but it’s also cold, wet and quickly turns from winter wonderland into travel nightmare. That’s why I live way down here (da South) so I don’t have to deal with it. The ever-intriguing Jack Baruth was kind enough to spare me the agony of driving through lake-effect hell by reserving me a seat in the Phaeton. I say the Phaeton because Baruth has owned two of the rare super Vee Dubs, and this black menace is the more famous of the two. Why? Just take a peep at the $80k sedan dashing through the snow (and pulling mad donuts) to get the idea. While the Truth in 24 premier was the highlight of the Detroit Auto Show, Baruth’s high-style hoonage came in a close second. Enjoy.

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