24 Hours of LeMons” 633 CSI

LA LeMons: A Slight Disturbance in the Force

As you may or may not be aware, Los Angeles will be hosting its very first 24 Hours of LeMons this August 15-16 at Buttonwillow. Semi-surprisingly some of my geeky car geek friends are already starting work on their leaky basket cases winning race cars. Only eight and half months to go! Take my buddy Joe here and his recently purchased (as in Sunday) BMW 633CSi. Now, we know a thing (or seven) about this car as our own Mark Arnold has one. There’s also been much griping by us (the people in the wigs and robes that bust your ass) about the ubiquitousness of E30 BMWs. So why do I welcome the inclusion of an E24? Because the difference between a $500 E30 and a $500 E24 can be measured in quarts of oil spewed on the track. Translation: $500 E30s are nearly daily drivers whereas $500 E24s are all wretched, and therefore totally in the spirit of LeMons! Especially a Bavarian crap can performance monster like the 633CSi. And my pal’s here is plenty trashy looking. A sure to overheat and die automatic, too. Though the engine looks surprisingly solid… I’ll have to take a closer look come Buttonwillow. Or, they’ll have to come up with one hell of a theme. To see what Joe and Co are considering, make the jump.

That’s right. Team David Caruso’s Hair. Er, maybe it’s something else… Anyhow, with Tuna going for $370 a pound, the City of Angels could use more $500 Bimmers.

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