24 Hours of LeMons: Porsche 944

Thunderhill LeMons: Great Write Up

24 Hours of LeMons: Porsche 944

And this might actually serve as our wrap up. By all accounts, Arese-Freeze-Apalooza was a frickin’ blast. A successful blast, too. And that’s the thing — there have been many accounts. Time to move on. Hey look, the 2009 season is here and Gator-O-Rama is just around the corner. Won’t that be fun? But, before we move away entirely, y’all really need to read this here account of what it was like to run the 24 Hours of LeMons at Thunderhill. Written by a gent named A.U.B.I.E., the article chronicles Team Trash-E (car #48 — a beater 944) as they make a run for the nickels and… don’t come that close. But it’s not the story, so much as the telling of the story that makes A.U.B.I.E.’s tale worth your while. It’s the telling, “I’m in shock as Geo Metro scoots past me. After passing what felt like fifty cars to be passed by a Metro is rather humbling.” And let’s not skip over, “Each blind turn reveals a sideways 2002 or a smoking Triumph that further obscures your view. The black and blue 3 and I have a few laps together, splitting huge packs of traffic ending up on each other’s bumpers.” Yes, that’s the spirit. Think I’ll print this out and use it for “Preach to the Converted” next race. Oh hell, here’s one more nugget, “A restart after a prolonged yellow taught me that I should always remember to keep the brakes warm. I scored the rotor on a dive past a couple competitors, one painted like a Japanese Zero fighter and one decorated like a Santa Sleigh.” That’s LeMons folks. Righteous photograph by either Mad_Science or his father, Mad_Science Sr. [Source: 944spec.org]

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