24 Hours of LeMons: Geo Metro-Gnome

Thunderhill LeMons: Video: The Lords of Thunderhill

I promise, at some point in 2009 I will stop posting about Arse-Freeze-Apalooza. Afterall, there must be other stuff taking place in the big wide world of cars, right?. But, this here video features not only the race winning Geo Metro passing just about every single car on the track (close to 100 at the start of the race, at least 70 — or more — towards the end), but yours truly in full beehive-wigged judicial regalia holding court, crawling under the Metro-Gnome and praising it’s Soichiro-worthy CBR900RR powerplant. What can I say, I love small cars with bike engines. And just to re-emphasize anyone that might be accusing me (or any other LeMons official) of collusion, I looked this car over standing next to Jay Lamm — we both were convinced that the chain-drive would snap and sever a foot. Also, a dude named Colin Drobins appears to have a larger ego than even me. Very impressive. Fun music, too. All you need do is jump.

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