24 Hours of LeMons: Formula BMW

Video: Thunderhill LeMons: Inside the LeMons Studio

You didn’t think I could go 48 hours without posting a 24 Hours of LeMons video, did you? Today’s video comes from LeMons vet Rahul Nair. I have a special place in my heart for Nair’s team, “Formula BMW.” Not because they seen to have no artistic abilities or imagination whatsoever (E30 with house paint and a dent — yawn), but because I happened to be standing next to them at last year’s Thunderhill when their wheel fell off. They were actually too busy to make small talk. At this year’s Arse-Freeze-Apalooza, Mr. Nair figured that they’d cheated so good he had free time enough to make a video about what it’s actually like at a LeMons race. I sort of remember him shoving a palm-pilot looking thing in my face for several minutes. But I mostly remember being so exhausted after 36 hours of straight no sleep that I don’t remember. Note my tongue. Get it? Just watch.

Also — mega props to Formula BMW for their Banned F1 Technology. Sorry none of it made it through tech.

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