Prius Cup: Dark, Dark Future Of Racing


I’m fully confident that as long as there are two sentient beings on this planet with comparable vehicles, some form of motorsport will exist. No matter how expensive fuel gets or how hard green regs come down us all, man will race man (or woman). It’s just the way of things. That said, if the future of racing looks anything like the Japan’s Prius Cup, maybe we’d be better off watching Curling. See, the Prius Cup isn’t about who turns the quickest lap or manages the best speed. Oh, no. Instead, it’s all about who can use the least amount of fuel and turn the best in-pit service. The competition is for Japan’s network of dealers, and it’s designed to familiarize each team with their product. In this case, that means the 2010 Prius. Excellent training tool, sub-par entertainment. [Source: AutoWeek]

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