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The Daily Wrap

Golf R 20

I Volkswagen will be sending the 2010 Golf R Series Turbo our way shortly after its late 2009 German debut. The new car will have a turbo’d 2-liter four and 270 hp, up from 250 in the weak-sauce R32. Supposedly it’s good for a sub-6 secondĀ  zero to 60 and 155 on the big end. If you wanted a Scirocco, you’re out of luck, but the R should be enough bright side for anybody. [Source: Car and Driver]


II After a howling success of a debut last year, organizers of the Singapore Grand Prix are modifying the circuit to enhance passing opportunities. Turns one, 13 and 14 will get minor adjustments to that end, and much of the rest of the track will get surface improvements. [Source: Formula 1]

Citroen DS

III Citroen is reviving its DS line as a foray into the near-premium car market. There will be three models from compact to large sedan. The DS line is supposed to compliment Citroen’s C line of bog-standard family cars. [Source: Autoweek]

IV International Sportsworld Communicators have bought the rights to exclusive broadcast of WRC [Ed: What's left of it...] events for the next 10 years. The $13 million deal between the FIA and ISC means that the broadcaster handles not only televising the events, but promoting them as well. Funnily enough, before Bernie Ecclestone ran F1, he started and ISC and sat at its helm until 2000. [Source: Racecar]

V Chrysler is offering veteran employees another buyout incentive in hopes of rescuing itself. Chrysler’s hope is that they can bring new workers in who’ll make half what those who leave did. Trouble is, the more desperate times get, the less Chrysler will offer. If you take their deal, you get $50k plus a $25k voucher toward buying a new Chrysler. If you don’t take your retiree health care, you get $75k plus the same voucher. The same deal last year meant $100k outright. [Source: Automotive News via Autoblog]

VI In case you needed to go fast as well as look cute, BMW has released the John Cooper Works edition Mini Cabrio. It goes on sale in England in March, and it’s a reasonable bet that our version won’t be far behind. Now hair stylists can smoke Civics at the lights too (No offense, Zach). [Ed: None taken] [Source: Autocar]

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