24 Hours of LeMons: Don’t Piss Off The Judges


If you’ve hung around Autofiends long enough, you know there are about as many ways to bribe a LeMons judge as there are ways to bring their wrath down on you and your team. If you and your crap-pile pilot friends are looking for a sure fire way to bring the ire of a white guy in a powdered wig with a spray painted rubber mallet the honorable Justice Lieberman and his gavel of justice down on you and your comrades, take heed of team Opular Dependence’s tale of woe. You see, after a few Shiner Bock’s (yum) in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, one of OD’s team members let slip this crack: “Yeah, the guy wanted $475 for the car, but we knew we could Jew him down.” Whoops. Making anti-Semitic cracks when your judge, and your event organizer are Jewish isn’t gonna do you any favors, no matter how many Shiners you offer up as a bribe. Needless to say, OD was sentenced to a new livery. Opular Dependence went out the window and Team Israel came in, complete with Star of David on the hood, Hebrew for Lemon down both sides and slogan “No Fat Shiskas” proudly displayed. Take heed, Fiends. Thanks, Jonny! [Source: Jalopnik]

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