The Daily Wrap


I. The FIA threw out the appeal that the diffusers used by Brawn, Williams and Toyota. After a night’s deliberation in Paris, the governing body confirmed the decision of track marshals in both Australia and Malaysia that diffusers were legal. That means those teams get to hang onto their much-coveted points. [Source: F1]


II. GM released their new C6.R GT2 Corvette. The car looks to be based on the ZR-1, but sports a comparatively sissy 500 hp LS3 as opposed to the big bad LS9. Still, there’s little pansy about a 500 hp flat-black ‘Vette racer with skulls painted on it. [Source: 0-60]


III. For those of you who want but can’t afford an AMG Mercedes-Benz, which we bet is most of you [Ed: and us], Merc has your number. For just a little bit more than the regular C and S-Class cars, you can opt to have the body and interior mods with none of the “expensive” engine and suspension upgrade straight from the dealer. [Source: Autoweek]


IV. Hamann introduced its newest iteration of the Bentley Continental GT Speed. Called the Imperator, the car has a big body kit, big wheels, and yes, big power. A revised engine management system gives the big W-12 more than 600 hp to play with. [Source: Autoblog]


V. Italian tuner RDSport seriously hotted up the 335i Coupe. A revised twin-turbo set up brings the pretty coupe to an M3-matching 414 hp, and an M3-besting 404 torques. Like any other tuner car, it gets a chunky bodykit to match a stout powertrain. [Source: WCF]

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