Video: 2010 Bentley Continental SuperSports on Der Ring


The Fiends at WorldCarFans have laid their mitts on some pretty sweet footage of Bentley’s newest edition of the Continental on the Nurburgring. Think Bentley’s are more comfortable cruising the streets of Monaco than tearing up the carousel? Think again. The SuperSports knocks out a knee-wobbling 621 horsepower from a boosted 6.0-liter W12. Even with the Conti’s bulging belt line, all that gusto will launch this sucker to 60 in just 3.7 seconds. Now we’re talkin’. If you absolutely have to tear ass around a track while swaddled in hand-stitched hides, Bentley also offers up a high-performance brake package for $16,500. Base price? That’ll be $273,295 when the cars hit U.S. dealers next fall. Hop the jump for the video. [Source: WCF]

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