Just Plain Wrong: Nissan 370Z In The Mud

Just Plain Wrong: Nissan 370Z In The Mud


As an individual born and bred in the South, the term “redneck” is more than a little offensive. It implies the legions of hardworking, clever individuals in this neck of the woods are ignorant, mouth-breathing yokels with nothing better to do than shoot at road signs. So when I say the jackass in the video after the jump is the epitome of the redneck class, I mean it. The guy’s piloting a black 2009 Nissan 370Z with the obligatory stupid-huge, ugly wheels. That’s all dandy. I do love me some Z’s, and I’ll even forgive the choice in rollers. What’s unforgiveable is the repeated slides through the red clay of North Carolina, that delicious 3.7-liter VQ V6 bashing off the rev limiter the whole time. With the windows down. If I had $100 to bet, I’d say this guy is a former Camaro owner. At the very least, he’s the poster child for looking a used car over thoroughly before committing to buy. Hop the jump for a cringe-worthy look. [Source: @Stillen]

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