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Prius Cup: Dark, Dark Future Of Racing

I’m fully confident that as long as there are two sentient beings on this planet with comparable vehicles, some form of motorsport will exist. No matter how expensive fuel gets or how hard green regs come down us all, man will race man (or woman). It’s just the way of things. That said, if the [...]

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Genius: Power-Generating Suspension

Usually, we try to keep away from the snore-fest tech out there, especially if it has anything to do with charging batteries. For one, I’m too dim to fully comprehend the mechanicals at play. For another, nobody really cares. But this, Fiends, is too awesome to skip over. Some enterprising scientist over a decade ago [...]

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SSC Ultmiate Aero EV

SSC Ultimate Aero EV: More Than a Green Supercar

Looks like SSC is out to reinvent the electric wheel. And then some. Look, if you wanted to, you could slap a bigger motor into a Tesla, haul around 6,800 more laptop batteries and go really, really fast. Still going to take you 7 or 8 hours to charge the thing. We’ve heard about the [...]

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Tesla Roadster Sport

The boys and girls at Tesla have been plinking away on a new variant of the company’s Roadster for awhile now. What’d they come up with? A “sport” variant. Thanks to 284 horsepower (40 over stock) and super-sticky Yokohama A048 tires, the car’s 0-60 time gets clipped by .2 seconds, bringing the grand total to [...]

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So you love your 911 but crave the green cred of the Tesla. Fear not. EvPorsche down in Florida is ready to help you out by converting your German bruiser into an all-electric plug-in. The good news is the car can maintain its trademark performance. As in, a standard ’74 to ‘98 911 conversion will [...]

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Video: Eliica EV

We’ll save you some counting and go ahead and say it: the Eliica’s an 8-wheel drive electric vehicle. Why all the rollers? Each wheel sports its own, 80 horsepower electric motor, and the combined effect of all eight is good enough to launch this funky-looking ride to 60 in under four seconds. Top speed? That’d [...]

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EV Ginetta G50

Ginetta’s been responsible for some seriously bad-ass vehicles over its long history, and it looks like the company isn’t about to let up any time soon. The UK-based company is set to release its newest sports-bred bruiser, the G50, and the car may also serve as a platform for a new electric vehicle. Ginetta’s hoping [...]

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Video: EV Tango Beasts Tesla Roadster

My dad used to tell me the most humiliating defeat he ever suffered while prowling the streets of Knoxville in his ’79 Mustang was at the hands of a beater Vega Wagon. He said the car had one tail light, four different color body panels and rusting steelies. When the sucker edged up to the [...]

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Fisker Karma: Enough Torques To Rule The World

Seriously. This car should only be sold to licensed super heroes. Why? Because evidently this plug-in hybrid commands enough torque to spin the globe in reverse. That kind of power in the hands of evil could have hilariously disastrous effects. Think Ground Hog Day. Yesterday we got a peek at the tail of this beastie, [...]

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Video: EV Racing, On Ice!

Ok. Last time I use the on-ice thing. I swear. Typically, EV’s and cold weather aren’t the best of friends. Temperatures below freezing tend to put a hurt on a battery’s ability to store and discharge energy, so you’re looking at decreased performance all around. Does that stop the French from racing EV’s on ice? [...]

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LA Auto Show: DriverSide Drives The MINI E

Looks like the Fiends over at DriverSide (hey Jon, Brian!) were able to talk their way behind the wheel of the all-electric MINI E at the LA Auto Show. Unlike other plug-in electrics out there, the E actually promises to be somewhat fun to drive, have a decent range and minimal charge time. How minimal? [...]

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Video: Chrysler Pits EV Against SRT8 Challenger

We really haven’t heard much from the three EV’s Dodge unveiled earlier this year. The cars just sort of popped up and faded into the background buzz surrounding the supposed merger talks between Chrysler and GM. Or Nissan. Or the federal government. The most exciting of the ‘lectrics popped it’s head out of the corporate [...]

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Brabus Tesla Roadster

Infamous tuner Brabus has turned their eye towards the all-electric Tesla Roadster, tweaking the car’s exterior for a more sinister appeal. Aside from the matte-white paint scheme, the company installed a custom carbon fiber front lip and rear diffuser and swapped the stock wheels and tires for more aggressive bits. Here’s the really nifty bit. [...]

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‘Lectric MINI Leases For $850 Per Month

If you think you want to be one of the lucky 500 Californians to slide behind the wheel of the all-electric MINI E, get ready to bust open that piggy bank. The company has just announced lease details, including the per month price tag of $850 for 12 months. While dropping a cool $10k on [...]

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Rolls-Royce Eyeing An Electric Phantom

It’s true. It looks like the Spirit of Ecstasy will be sitting atop an all electric Rolla sometime soon. According to CAR Magazine Online, Rolls-Royce CEO Tom Purves has his eye on a green ultra-lux machine for customers that only need to make quick jaunts into town to stock up on Grey Poupon. After driving [...]

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MINI EV Unveiled

This was bound to happen sooner or later. Take the pint-sized, driving-bliss MINI and swap the go bits for electrics. MINI has pulled the wraps off its EV version ahead of the LA Auto Show coming next month. Power comes courtesy of a 201 hp electric motor mated to a 35 kw/h lithium-ion battery pack. [...]

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Nissan NuVu All-Electric

Is it a Nissan day, or what?  While the Japanese company is making waves going to war with Porsche, it’s also been busily working on an all-electric vehicle. We showed you the Cube-based EV a while back, branded the EV 02, and while that squared off prototype scoots around under its own gusto just fine, [...]

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